Advanced Datawindow filtering with PowerFilter

PowerFilter is a powerful, easy-to-implement datawindow filtering component that provides users functionality similar to what is found in Excel 2007. Add one control to your window and 3 lines of Powerscript to implement.

PowerFilter is 100% PowerBuilder, no external functions or dlls, and your purchase includes the source code. It has been used in 46 countries on 6 Continents. Version 2.0 is now available for download.

Features Include:

  • Multilingual support built in, no coding required. Single source code supports multiple languages at runtime.
  • Dropdown checklist with unique values for each column. Check as many items as desired in as many columns as desired to define the filter.
  • Custom Filter with pre-defined options based on datatype (Last Month, Next Month, Last Year, This Year, Greater than, Contains, Above Average, etc.)
  • Supports Grid and Tabular DataWindows.
  • Supports Columns and Computed Fields.
  • Supports all standard data types.
  • Supports custom column formats including format expressions.
  • ...and much more.