vendredi, 21 mars 2014 11:31

PowerBuilder on Android

Appeon for PowerBuilder 2013 R2 has been released! Now Appeon is cross-os, allowing developers to take their PowerBuilder Applications to the Web, and to iOS and Android devices.

What’s New in this version?

2013 R2 not only adds support for Android, but includes hundreds of fixes, enhancements and improvements designed to simplify your cross-os development. Also, for more business-oriented apps, we've added some mobile APIs that developers can take advantage of to gain access to the native features of devices. If you’re interested in diving into the details, then checkout our New Features.

Here are a few:

  • - New platforms - Earlier in Appeon for PowerBuilder 1.0 we welcomed support for iOS, this release supports for Android as well.
  • - New APIs - Supports more APIs to give developers access to the native features of devices to build amazing mobile apps, such as NFC on Android devices.
  • - Offline Features - Makes mobile apps easier to work offline and sync the data once the network is connected.
  • - Codeless UI Resizing – Adapt applications quickly and easily, to display properly on any iOS and Android mobile device without having to modify any code perform any calculations.
  • - Cross-OS Native Mobile – Deploy a SINGLE code set as native mobile apps to leading mobile OS (iOS & Android), even if using the mobile device SDK (camera, GPS, printer, ect.).
  • - PB Features - Supports the same PB feature sets for Android as iOS.

Try Appeon Mobile

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