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  • Novalys PowerBuilder Survey 2015
    The 2015 Edition of Novalys yearly PowerBuilder Survey is available! Following the announcement that Appeon may take over the development of PowerBuilder, they added questions to let them better understand your needs. Take the 2015 PowerBuilder survey to specify your needs and help Appeon build a roadmap that best meets…
  • SAP and APPEON Sign Memorandum of Understanding
    Big news for PowerBuilder developers! During last week's Charlotte PowerBuilder Conference, Dirk Boessmann, Senior Vice President for Mobile Development of SAP along with Armeen Mazda, CEO of Appeon, announced the signing of a MOU between the 2 companies. Appeon engineers are currently working with SAP to access the source code.…

2015 PowerBuilder Survey

Novalys partnered with Appeon to create a questionnaire that will help them build a PowerBuilder roadmap that best meets your expectations.

Now is the time to have your voice heard! Tell Appeon what you want for PowerBuilder.

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